Hrímnir Saddles & more

We are very proud to be the official Hrímnir distributor for Ireland and the UK.

The Hrímnir saddles have become very popular among top riders around the world, and recently Hrímnir has added more products to their collection as seen in photos below. The saddles, although originally designed for Icelandic horses, are also used on various other horse breeds and can be ordered in different sizes to fit wider horses.

All products are of top quality and go through various testing before being sent to the customers.

Hrímnir is owned by Rúnar Þór Guðbrandsson and his wife Hulda Sóllilja Aradóttir. Rúnar has close to 20 years experience in the equestrian product industry, where he has specialized in equipment for Icelandic horses.

For all your inquiries or questions please contact me, Herdís Reynisdóttir – I will be happy to aid you in any way I can regarding choosing saddles or other equipment and some samples of Hrímnir products can be tested at Hestkot.

To find out more visit there website or just click on any picture
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